The HealthTap Developer Network (hTdN) brings together developers who are highly talented and passionate about improving people’s health and well-being. hTdN provides developers in our network with the resources they need to build health related applications. hTdN offers a dynamic forum for developers to learn about and get easy access to new and available sources of data, get exposed to new data processing tools and platforms, and meet and collaborate with great like-minded developers while working on truly meaningful and impactful projects. We also facilitate connections with physicians, designers, product managers and other healthcare professionals to help our developers find others who are interested to participate in their health related projects. Finally, we provide visibility in the health community to members in our network who build applications that are useful, innovative and impactful.


Sastry Nanduri posted Great event!

Thank you everyone for making this event a grand success. The event was historic and trend-setting. We had over 200 people at the event - developers of varied skill sets passionate about creating high-impact, meaningful applications using open data. At the end of the day, 18 teams presented an impressive set of projects. Congratulations everyone for being part of an event that showed the world what impact data and collaboration among top minds ca... [read more]

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Vincenzo posted PHP?

Guys, I need a PHP specialist. Come look for me at the Palo Alto table by the FOOD. thanks Vin

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I am looking for co-developers for my MediMusic application and a website. MediMusic, invented by me, converts / maps any pattern or string to music in a chosen genre of music. The music genre can be any genre of the world. The resulting MediMusic can also be a ring tone. Some of the following knowledge / skills, although all of them are not required: Ability to code in C, C++, any music composition SW / tool / application. Understanding of MIDI,... [read more]

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All, I've suggest a team called "HealthyPlaces", inspired by the USDA Food Environment Atlas There is already that aggregates data like this plus health outcomes but I see additional things we can do here to let people interact with the data (actually, RW Johnson Foundation would like to see people figure out how to use the county data to support "smart decisions"). Wou... [read more]

Fri, Sep 10 at 8:42PM (0 comments) URGENT: Posse of 1 to 3 expert volunteer mappers are needed tomorrow morning (SATURDAY September 11, 2010) to work with San Bruno emergency response officials to map the recent fire area. Volunteers must be proficient in mapping (experience with Google Map, KML Files) and be able to bring a laptop, cell phone, and be comfortable working in field conditions. To volunteer, or request additional details please c... [read more]

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Our team is working on "RescueMe" - find the nearest hospitals using data visualization using government open data. Our goal is to build a public data gathering tools to assist individuals in critical conditions that requires hospitalization. It is designed for Disaster Relief where "911", local police and fire department fail to work. Based on 9/9 San Bruno fire, we realize there are many areas that we didn't address in our app design. We'd like... [read more]

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Mark Juarez is CEO of The Happy Company, also the book author of "Thinking Cheese". Mark Juarez won't be able to present in this Health 20 Developer Challenge. However, he is generously giving out this special Gift Bag to this Health Developer Challenge on 9/11/2010 Sat. He believes in finding business success in helping people. Check out his book on "Thinking Cheese". Health 20 Developer Challenge Prize: The Happy... [read more]

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Mark Juarez, Book Author of "Thinking Cheese" is sponsoring 200 inspirational cards to health 20 Developer Challenge attendees Mark Juarez Bio At the age of 11, Mark Juarez started his first business mowing lawns. When his best friend’s grandmother, a woman near and dear to his heart, needed much more than just a mowed lawn, he decided to help by fixing her roof at almost no charge. Soon, he began to notice the obvi... [read more]

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Yvonne Li posted SMS API is available

I would like to remind everyone that SMS API is available if anyone wants to build an SMS app. Please see attached document

Alex Bangs: Yvonne - Thanks for providing this - I was just starting to look around for how we might quickly use SMS :-) -- Alex

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Robin Farmanfarmaian left a note for adriennerodgers

I am so happy you're coming!!

Thu, Sep 9 at 8:37PM

Robin Farmanfarmaian left a note for Ron Gutman

See you Saturday!

Thu, Sep 9 at 8:13PM

USDA's Food Environment Atlas has some great statistics on several food environment factors (like food choices, diet, physical activity etc.) by county. The community health rankings data ranks counties by various health factors (people's health, obesity rates, premature death etc.). What correlations can you find between a county's food environment factors and the overall health of the community?

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Perry Chow left a note for Jennifer Barr

Hi Jennifer, Sounds like a good event. I've been to too many overnight things recently, so it'll be a relief to be able to leave at night. :-)

Thu, Sep 9 at 1:45AM

Jennifer Barr left a note for Perry Chow

Hi Perry. can you come? I was thinking that you would like this, even though it's not overnight. :>)

Wed, Sep 8 at 11:02PM

Jennifer Barr left a note for Perry Chow

Hi Perry. can you come? I was thinking that you would like this, even though it's not overnight. :>)

Wed, Sep 8 at 11:02PM

Dear Hacking 4 Health Hacker/designer/engineer/architect, We can’t wait until Saturday, Sept 11th to see you and all the other great folks who’ve signed to participate in our first ever health data hackathon. Please make sure to come early to secure a good seat for the day. The event is on the path to be sold-out very soon, and seating is on a first come first serve basis. HACKATHON DEETS: Saturday, September 11th HealthTap 575 High Street, Suite... [read more]

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If anyone wants to use the IdeaTree visualization API listed on the Tools page, please let me know ahead of time so I can allocate you a free account. Otherwise, you'd have to sign up with a credit card for the 30-day trial thing. Leave a message here or even faster, email me: ron.newman at

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Sastry Nanduri posted New! - Ideas section.

We added an ideas section to the site. Check it out - click on the Ideas tab above. There are many suggestions there already to get you started. Please suggest any new ideas you want to add to that section.

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Perry Chow left a note for Jennifer Barr

Hi Jennifer, the hackathon is looking good. Looks like some real heavy hitters are attending.

Wed, Sep 8 at 12:38AM

Many health organizations are using mobile technology to improve their ability to respond to health problems, disasters, and other regional crises. Mobile services such as text messaging can provide information on disease-outbreak, epidemiology and natural disasters, and help health organizations collaborate to improve the services they offer. Oftentimes, health workers are isolated by distance or terrain, SMS is a simple but effective way to com... [read more]

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Robin Farmanfarmaian left a note for Benjamin Meyers

See you Saturday!

Sun, Sep 5 at 3:52PM

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I'm bringing the iPads!

Fri, Sep 3 at 11:53AM

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Hi Lizzie! :) Hope you can make it!

Thu, Sep 2 at 2:34PM

Hacking 4 Health posted Tappy Hour Friday, September 3! Tappy Hour on the Playa with HealthTap and StartupDigest for Hacking 4 Health! Didn't get to Burning Man? Come to the HealthTap Palo Alto Playa Friday, Sept 3 from 5:30pm-7:30pm! We'll have beer, wine, music, a couple munchies ... and a whole lotta fun. HealthTap, in collaboration with Health 2.0, is hosting the first Developer Challenge Hackathon called Hacking 4 Health on September 11, 2010. Swing by on Friday, ... [read more]

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Robin Farmanfarmaian left a note for Rob Navarro

Thanx for emailing me and you are all registered! See you next Saturday :)

Wed, Sep 1 at 12:18PM

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Very cool seeing you last night at the Meetup!

Wed, Sep 1 at 11:52AM

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Looking forward to seeing you at Founder Friday and Hacking 4 Health, too, Veronica :-)


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Looking forward to meeting you on Sept 11th!

Tue, Aug 31 at 12:18PM

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Hi Rebecca,

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Founders Friday on September 10th! :) yay sliders!


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What is the Hacking 4 Health Hackathon? A “Hackathon” or “Codeathon” is an event where engineers and developers come together to examine, problem solve, and build tools around large data sets. What are the objectives of the Hacking 4 Health Hackathon? The objective of this Hacking 4 Health Hackathon is to bring together the best and most talented engineers and developers in the Bay Area who are passionate about healthcare and the new Department o... [read more]

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Hacking 4 Health posted Data Section

Many good, developer-friendly summaries of downloadable data are posted under our Data section. Please review and submit summaries of other data sets that would be useful to the rest of the Hackers. Thank you!

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